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VCI Poly Bags

If you need to store or transport sensitive metal parts, tools, and machine parts, then VCI poly bags are a reliable and cost-effective option. VCI poly bags are designed to withstand environmental extremes, making them ideal for use in exporting parts to your clients across the U.S. or worldwide. Once your parts are securely sealed in the VCI poly bag, they are guaranteed to stay protected for 24 months and will be ready to use the moment the bag is opened.

Here at Talon Packaging, we provide a one-stop shop for all your VCI packaging needs. Utilizing the latest technology and best available materials, we produce packaging that works hard to protect your valuable parts. Our team offers outstanding customer service every step of the way, from advice on available options to streamlined processing and quick delivery. 

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What is VCI Poly?

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) poly bags are made from chemically treated poly packaging film. After you seal your parts in the bag, the VCI molecules will settle on the metal surfaces creating a thin, invisible layer on the surface, inhibiting the corrosion process caused by oxygen, water, and other contaminants. 

When the bag is opened, the VCI molecules will evaporate, and the parts will be ready to use, with no need for cleaning.

What Sizes Are Available?

Talon Packaging can supply VCI Poly bags in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 2 inches to 150 inches. We can also produce bags with additives such as acid-gas blockers and anti-static as required.

Whatever your needs, our team of professionals can guide you through the available options and provide the best solutions available to meet your requirements.


All of our VCI poly products are designed to provide superior moisture protection and excellent protection from dust and other contaminants. Other benefits include:

  • long shelf and service life
  • easy to use
  • acid-free, pH neutral 
  • excellent protection against temperature changes, sea salt, pollutants, and moisture
  • leaves no mess or residue on surfaces
  • recyclable 
  • outstanding corrosion protection for metal parts in shipping and storage


VCI poly bags can support the storage and transport of parts in numerous industries, including:

  • Steel Mills
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Electrical-Electronics
  • Defense 
  • Heavy equipment
  • Fabrication
  • Metal stamping
  • Aerospace
  • Military

About Talon Packaging

Talon Packaging is a trusted brand operating around the Houston area and a reliable supplier of all your VCI packaging needs. As a full-service packaging company, we can offer any packaging solution you’re in need of at a reasonable price and with a quicker delivery than elsewhere!

Our ability to streamline processes, combined with the latest technology and our large inventory, means our customers can find just what they’re looking for and receive it as quickly as they need.

On top of this, our knowledgeable staff offers optimal customer support and services along the way. No matter the demand, we are glad to help find and provide a solution.

Contact one of our friendly team today to learn more about our VCI Poly bags and other packaging options.


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