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Non-Perforated & Perforated Foam Rolls

Talon Packaging rolled foam is available in perforated and non-perforated foam rolls. Houston area clients looking for wholesale packaging materials can be assured that our foam rolls are available in the length and width you need. And we stock locally, so we often can get your order to you the very next day.

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Non-Perforated and Perforated Foam Rolls

Houston businesses with a need for wholesale packaging materials like foam rolls have a variety of options to choose from at Talon Packaging. Our rolls of both non-perforated and perforated foam are manufactured from a nonflammable material that protects your materials while lowering your shipping costs by reducing your package weight.

Both perforated and non-perforated foam rolls are a dust-free, convenient packaging material that provides shock and water resistance to your delicate items – without sacrificing your need for lightweight packaging materials.

Foam Rolls Without Perforations

Part No.Foam ThicknessFoam UseRoll SizeRolls/Bdl
PF10201/32"Plastic Products12" x 2000'6
PF10221/32"Plastic Products18" x 2000'4
PF10241/32"Plastic Products24" x 2000'3
PF10261/32"Plastic Products36" x 2000'2
PF10281/32"Plastic Products48" x 2000'1
PF10291/32"Plastic Products72" x 2000'1
PF10301/16"Ceramics12" x 1250'6
PF10321/16"Ceramics18" x 1250'4
PF10341/16"Ceramics24" x 1250'3
PF10361/16"Ceramics36" x 1250'2
PF10381/16"Ceramics48" x 1250'1
PF10391/16"Ceramics72" x 1250'1
PF10403/32"Automotive12" x 750'6
PF10423/32"Automotive18" x 750'4
PF10443/32"Automotive24" x 750'3
PF10463/32"Automotive36" x 750'2
PF10483/32"Automotive48" x 750'1
PF10493/32"Automotive72" x 750'1
PF10501/8"Furniture12" x 550'6
PF10521/8"Furniture18" x 550'4
PF10541/8"Furniture24" x 550'3
PF10561/8"Furniture36" x 550'2
PF10581/8"Furniture48" x 550'1
PF10591/8"Furniture72" x 550'1
PF10601/4"Interleaving12" x 250'6
PF10621/4"Interleaving18" x 250'4
PF10641/4"Interleaving24" x 250'3
PF10661/4"Interleaving36" x 250'2
PF10681/4"Interleaving48" x 250'1
PF10691/4"Interleaving72" x 250'1

Foam Rolls With Perforations

Part No.Foam ThicknessFoam UseRoll SizeRolls/Bdl
PF11201/32"Plastic Products12" x 2000'6
PF11221/32"Plastic Products18" x 2000'4
PF11241/32"Plastic Products24" x 2000'3
PF11261/32"Plastic Products36" x 2000'2
PF11281/32"Plastic Products48" x 2000'1
PF11291/32"Plastic Products72" x 2000'1
PF11301/16"Ceramics12" x 1250'6
PF11321/16"Ceramics18" x 1250'4
PF11341/16"Ceramics24" x 1250'3
PF11361/16"Ceramics36" x 1250'2
PF11381/16"Ceramics48" x 1250'1
PF11391/16"Ceramics72" x 1250'1
PF11403/32"Automotive12" x 750'6
PF11423/32"Automotive18" x 750'4
PF11443/32"Automotive24" x 750'3
PF11463/32"Automotive36" x 750'2
PF11483/32"Automotive48" x 750'1
PF11493/32"Automotive72" x 750'1
PF11501/8"Furniture12" x 550'6
PF11521/8"Furniture18" x 550'4
PF11541/8"Furniture24" x 550'3
PF11561/8"Furniture36" x 550'2
PF11581/8"Furniture48" x 550'1
PF11591/8"Furniture72" x 550'1
PF11601/4"Interleaving12" x 250'6
PF11621/4"Interleaving18" x 250'4
PF11641/4"Interleaving24" x 250'3
PF11661/4"Interleaving36" x 250'2
PF11681/4"Interleaving48" x 250'1
PF11691/4"Interleaving72" x 250'1

About Talon Packaging

What is it like working with a packaging materials and services provider that is Houston’s wholesale packaging solution expert? 

We leverage experience and technology together to maximize our ability to provide high-quality wholesale packaging products, such as foam rolls, and services to a wide range of consumers. Our systems are designed to let you pass the ultimate in convenience and cost-effectiveness to the customer.

Talon Packaging streamlines the ordering process, making it possible for you to get your order to us easily – no matter your preferred ordering mechanism. We have a simple, easy to use website along with vendor managed inventory options to ensure fast, reliable, and hassle-free processes for getting the materials you need.

Every project starts with a customized analysis because your needs are unique. We’ll work with you to ensure that any solution we create meets your mission in an efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more about our non-perforated & perforated foam rolls.




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