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Wholesale Flat Poly Bags 

Talon Packaging offers durable, low-cost, wholesale flat poly bags for packaging purposes along with a variety of other packaging solutions. With sizes ranging from 3" square to 48" square and varying thicknesses, we can provide bulk poly plastic bags in exactly the dimensions you need for your packaging project. 

Bulk Flat Plastic Bags

Our flat poly bags are tightly sealed on three sides, leaving the inside item(s) accessible through the remaining side, which can be closed off in a number of ways to suit your liking. These open-top bags are very lightweight while remaining durable enough for various packaging, storage, and shipment applications. Our poly bags have high clarity for excellent presentation at a low price. 

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1 Mil Flat Poly Bags

Part No.DimensionMilQuantity/CaseWeight/Case
BF3313 X 3110001
BF3413 X 4110002
BF3513 X 5110002
BF4414 X 4110002
BF4614 X 6110002
BF4814 X 8110003
BF5715 X 7110003
BF5815 X 8110003
BF6616 X 6110003
BF6816 X 8110004
BF61016 X 10110004
BF61216 X 12110005
BF81018 X 10110006
BF81218 X 12110007
BF81418 X 14110008
BF81618 X 16110009
BF1010110 X 10110007
BF1012110 X 12110008
BF1016110 X 161100011
BF1020110 X 201100013
BF1024110 X 241100015
BF1212112 X 121100010
BF1216112 X 161100012
BF1220112 X 201100015
BF1224112 X 241100018
BF1236112 X 361100027
BF1414114 X 141100012
BF1416114 X 161100015
BF1420114 X 201100018
BF1424114 X 241100021
BF1430114 X 301100026
BF1616116 X 161100016
BF1620116 X 201100022
BF1624116 X 241100026
BF1630116 X 301100033
BF1640116 X 401100043
BF1818118 X 181100022
BF1824118 X 241100027
BF1830118 X 301100033
BF2020120 X 201100025
BF2024120 X 241100030
BF2030120 X 301100037
BF2036120 X 36150022
BF2042120 X 42150026
BF2048120 X 48150030
BF2424124 X 241100036
BF2430124 X 30150022
BF2436124 X 36150027
BF3030130 X 30150028
BF3036130 X 36150034
BF3042130 X 42150039
BF3048130 X 48125023
BF3636136 X 36150040
BF3642136 X 42125024
BF3648136 X 48125027
BF4046140 X 46125029
BF4448144 X 48125033
BF4848148 X 48125036

2 Mil Flat Poly Bags

Part No.DimensionMilQuantity/CaseWeight/Case
BF3323 X 3210001
BF3423 X 4210002
BF3523 X 5210002
BF4424 X 4210003
BF4624 X 6210004
BF4824 X 8210004
BF5725 X 7210005
BF5825 X 8210006
BF6626 X 6210005
BF6826 X 8210007
BF61026 X 10210008
BF61226 X 122100010
BF81028 X 102100010
BF81228 X 122100012
BF81428 X 142100014
BF81628 X 162100015
BF1010210 X 102100012
BF1012210 X 122100015
BF1016210 X 162100020
BF1020210 X 202100024
BF1024210 X 242100029
BF1212212 X 122100018
BF1216212 X 162100023
BF1220212 X 202100029
BF1224212 X 242100035
BF1236212 X 36250026
BF1414214 X 142100024
BF1416214 X 162100027
BF1420214 X 202100034
BF1424214 X 242100040
BF1430214 X 30250026
BF1616216 X 162100031
BF1620216 X 202100039
BF1624216 X 242100046
BF1630216 X 30250029
BF1818218 X 182100039
BF1824218 X 24250026
BF1830218 X 30250033
BF2020220 X 20250024
BF2024220 X 24250029
BF2030220 X 30250036
BF2036220 X 36250043
BF2042220 X 42225026
BF2048220 X 48225029
BF2424224 X 24250035
BF2430224 X 30250043
BF2436224 X 36225026
BF3030230 X 30225027
BF3036230 X 36225033
BF3042230 X 42225038
BF3048230 X 48225043
BF3636236 X 36225039
BF3642236 X 42220037
BF3648236 X 48220042
BF4054240 X 54210026
BF4448244 X 48210026
BF4848248 X 48210026

3 Mil Flat Poly Bags

Part No.DimensionMilQuantity/CaseWeight/Case
BF3333 X 3310002
BF3433 X 4310003
BF3533 X 5310004
BF4434 X 4310004
BF4634 X 6310005
BF4834 X 8310006
BF5735 X 7310007
BF5835 X 8310008
BF6636 X 6310007
BF6836 X 8310009
BF61036 X 103100012
BF61236 X 123100015
BF81038 X 103100015
BF81238 X 123100017
BF81438 X 143100020
BF81638 X 163100023
BF1010310 X 103100018
BF1012310 X 123100022
BF1016310 X 163100029
BF1020310 X 203100036
BF1024310 X 243100043
BF1212312 X 123100026
BF1216312 X 163100034
BF1220312 X 203100043
BF1224312 X 24350026
BF1236312 X 36350039
BF1414314 X 143100035
BF1416314 X 163100040
BF1420314 X 20350025
BF1424314 X 24350030
BF1430314 X 30350038
BF1616316 X 163100046
BF1620316 X 20350029
BF1624316 X 24350034
BF1630316 X 30350043
BF1818318 X 18350029
BF1824318 X 24350039
BF1830318 X 30325024
BF2020320 X 20350036
BF2024320 X 24325022
BF2030320 X 30325027
BF2036320 X 36325032
BF2042320 X 42325038
BF2424324 X 24325026
BF2430324 X 30325032
BF2436324 X 36325039
BF3030330 X 30325040
BF3036330 X 36320039
BF3042330 X 42310023
BF3048330 X 48310026
BF3636336 X 36310023
BF3642336 X 42310027
BF3648336 X 48310031
BF4054340 X 54310039
BF4448344 X 6035024
BF4848348 X 48310041

What Makes Talon Unique

Here at Talon Packaging, we believe in utilizing the best possible technologies while upholding outstanding customer service to bring customers a stress-free process and the most efficient solutions, including our wholesale flat poly bags.

There are a few reasons we can be considered the most dependable single-source packaging provider in the area. We’re a full-service packaging company with streamlined processing, local stocking, quick delivery, and great customer service, all at affordable prices—what more could a company need?

With an analysis for each project, our expert team can aid in choosing the right product for your business and will assist along the way. See us as your go-to supplier of both packaging materials and knowledge.

Contact us today about our wholesale flat poly bags and other packaging options to learn why companies in the Houston area can rely on Talon Packaging.


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