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Wholesale Cord Strapping 

Houston-based Talon Packaging offers reliable, long-lasting cord strapping for all your bundling and item securement needs. Cord strapping is made from polyester fibers, offering high strength, elongation, and durability. Its excellent shock absorption and elongation recovery make for a safe and effective packaging option.

Our types of wholesale cord strapping include composite and woven cord strapping. Standard or “non-woven” polyester cord strapping is commonly used in bundling applications, while composite strapping is used in item containment and bundling that requires more flexibility and lighter weight. Woven polyester strapping is great for medium to heavier applications and load containment. As a dependable cord strapping supplier, each strapping type we offer is guaranteed to be strong, durable, and safe for your items and bundles.

On top of its many physical benefits, our cord strapping for wholesale purchase is a more affordable and safer alternative to common steel strapping for Houston businesses. It can be used in a variety of applications, including outdoor and harsh environments. Discuss what type is best for you with one of our expert team members today.

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Types of Cord Strapping



Talon Packaging offers durable composite cord strapping for bundling and item containment. Two types of cord strapping are commonly used — composite and woven. Both are manufactured from polyester fibers, but composite cord strapping is coated in polypropylene, making for a rigid, yet flexible lightweight…

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About Talon Packaging

We are a trusted supplier of the Houston area, providing all the packaging solutions necessary to keep your business running at optimal efficiency, like cord strapping. As a full-service company, Talon Packaging keeps a wide variety of products locally stocked for delivery, because we know the importance of having the products and tools you need on time.

In addition to providing only the highest-quality packaging solutions, our team also offers outstanding customer service to provide customers with a stress-free process and help whenever needed. Be sure to contact Talon Packaging for your cord strap supplier demands and more information on what we can do for you.


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