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Non-Perforated & Perforated Bubble Wrap


Maybe bubble rolls, also known as bubble wrap, aren’t the bringer of joy like it was in childhood.   But Talon Packaging’s bubble roll options, including non-perforated bubble rolls, bring delight to anyone who needs cost-effective packaging solutions designed for their specific product and shipping needs.

Both non-perforated and perforated bubble rolls are Houston-area staples for the many businesses that need proper packaging to protect delicate items. Talon Packaging has the quality and quantity of bubble rolls needed to most effectively and efficiently protect your products during shipment.

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Perforated vs Non-Perforated Bubble Wrap

Our Houston area business serves a variety of industries with many different packaging-material requirements. Depending on your needs, you might choose perforated or non-perforated bubble rolls. 

We offer multiple widths, lengths, and bubble-height. Whether you need small bubbles for delicate items, medium bubbles for larger items, or bubble roll sized for void fill, our bubble roll options are available in all the varieties you need. We’ll design the best solution to ensure you have the exact protection your fragile and delicate items need to be safe and secure.

No Perforations Bubble Rolls

Part No.Bubble SizeBubble UseRoll SizeRolls/Bdl
BR10203/16Lighter Material12" x 750'4
BR10223/16Lighter Material16" x 7503
BR10243/16Lighter Material24" x 750'2
BR10263/16Lighter Material48" x 750'1
BR10305/16Rough Product12" x 375'4
BR10325/16Rough Product16" x 375'3
BR10345/16Rough Product24" x 375'2
BR10365/16Rough Product48" x 375'1
BR10401/2Heavy Product12" x 250'4
BR10421/2Heavy Product16" x 250'3
BR10441/2Heavy Product24" x 250'2
BR10461/2Heavy Product48" x 250'1

Perforated Bubble Rolls - Perfed every 12"

Part No.Bubble SizeBubble UseRoll SizeRolls/Bdl
BR11203/16Lighter Material12" x 750'4
BR11223/16Lighter Material16" x 7503
BR11243/16Lighter Material24" x 750'2
BR11263/16Lighter Material48" x 750'1
BR11305/16Rough Product12" x 375'4
BR11325/16Rough Product16" x 375'3
BR11345/16Rough Product24" x 375'2
BR11365/16Rough Product48" x 375'1
BR11401/2Heavy Product12" x250'4
BR11421/2Heavy Product16" x 250'3
BR11441/2Heavy Product24" x 250'2
BR11461/2Heavy Product48" x 250'1

About Talon Packaging

Anyone can sell bubble roll, but Talon Packaging is a full-service packaging company. Our services for our clients start with an analysis to determine the full cost per load. We want to have an overall picture of our clients’ specific needs to make sure that our recommendations meet the actual mission requirements.

To further support our customers, we stock locally. This means that in most cases, we can ship products lightning-fast, including next-day in many cases.

Get started with the packaging services and material provider that partners with you to meet your mission. We don’t just sell Houston’s best packaging materials; we work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our non-perforated & perforated bubble wrap.


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